Using the Raspberry Pi Pico [5] – I2C communication with Micro Python

I2C on the Raspberry Pi Pico The RP2040 has two independent channels of I2C controllers (I2C0 / I2C1), which are available on the Raspberry Pi Pico from GP[0] to GP[27] pins. In this article, we tried to use this feature to read and write the digital temperature sensor and EEPROM. Connecting the TMP102 digital temperature sensor module The TMP102 device is a high-precision digital temperature sensor made by TI, with a built-in 12-bit ADC, a minimum resolution of 0.0625°C, and an accuracy of ±0.5°C without calibration or signal conditioning by external components. Here, we will use a SparkFun modulewith this temperature sensor IC and peripheral components (I2C pull-up resistor, etc.) to connect to a Raspberry pi pico. TMP102 Module Hardware connection The wiring between the Raspberry Pi Pico I/O terminals and the TMP102 module is shown below, and the I2C pull-up resistor and other necessary components are already mounted on

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